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Slate Roof Installation Training Program from the SRCA

The Slate Roofing Contractors Association of North America, Inc., a non-profit trade association, is providing training sessions teaching the proper installation techniques for natural quarried roofing slate. For more information, call the SRCA in Pennsylvania, USA, at 814-786-7015, or send an email to Check out the SRCA website at Take a look at some of our other videos while you're on our YouTube site! Music by Tiger Maple String Band.

Making a Curved Double Lock Standing Seam Copper Roof, demonstrated by Chris Paulin, Paulin Slate and Copper, Akron, Ohio, at the 2012 Slate Roofing Contractors Association Conference:

Ross Gibson, age 60, demonstrates how to use his grandfather's old hand-operated standing seam roofing tools to make the double-lock standing seams for this traditional style of metal roofing. Ross uses copper sheets to demonstrate the tools at the Slate Roofing Contractors Association of North America, Inc., annual conference on September 29, 2012, in Grove City, Pennsylvania, USA.

SRCA 2012 Conference, Miscellaneous Footage:

SRCA 2012 Conference, Installing Ceramic Tile Hips on a slate roof:

SRCA 2011 Conference: Soldering Copper Flashings:

SRCA 2011 Conference - Soldering a Copper Chimney Apron:

SRCA 2010 Conference, Vermont:

SRCA 2010 Conference, Vermont - Camara Slate Quarry:

SRCA 2010 Conference, Vermont - Greenstone Slate Quarry:

International Federation of Roofing Trades Congress, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2010:



Slate Roof Training

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NRCA has been the professional voice of its members since 1886.

The SRCA is a member of the International Federation for the Roofing Trade.

The SRCA is an American Institute of Architects approved provider for continuing education credits.


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