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The SRCA is an American Institute of Architects approved provider for continuing education credits.

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Instructors are independent contractors authorized to deliver SRCA training courses and seminars. Contact the instructors directly to inquire about their availability and costs.

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J.S. Held LLC, Contact: Chad Brandon, 1845 Walnut St. #2300, Philadelphia, PA 191039; Cell: 610-816-9106; Email


Grist Slate and Tile Roofing, Inc., 1345 Ravens View Drive, Victoria, BC, V9B 6P7 Canada; Ph: 250-727-3611; Fax: 250-727-3612; Contact Person: Korby Grist; Email


Jenkins Slate Masters, Contact: Orion Jenkins, 298 Old Beech Road, Grove City PA 16127; Ph: 814-786-7496; Email


Joseph Jenkins, Inc., 143 Forest Lane, Grove City PA 16127; Ph: 814-786-9085; Fax: 814-786-8209; Email


Mahan Slate Roofing Company, Contact: John Mahan, PO Box 2860, Springfield, MA 01101; Ph: 413-788-9529; Toll free: 800-347-9529; Fax: 413-737-3002, Email


Stevens Roofing Corp., Contact: Nicholas Price, Vice-President; 818 West 39th Street, Norfolk, VA 23508; Ph: 757-489-8791; Fax: 757-489-8649; Email

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Apply to become an SRCA authorized course instructor and/or seminar presenter!


Natural Quarried Roofing Slate: Basic Installation

Course Number - SRCA2020-01
Provider Number - 50111250

Download the PDF

About this 1.5 Hour Seminar

The installation of natural quarried roofing slates, although not rocket science, is different from the installation of other roofing materials. The devil is in the details. This PowerPoint presentation provides the basic information one would need to be informed about correct slate roof installation practices.

Prerequisite Knowledge: A basic roofing and construction background is helpful, but not necessary.

Learning Objective 1: What is natural quarried roofing slate and how is it installed.

Learning Objective 2: What are common mistakes made when installing natural quarried roofing slates.

Learning Objective 3: What are the correct tools and materials to use when installing slate roofs.

Learning Objective 4: What are the sources of materials, supplies, tools, and contractors needed when installing natural slate roofs.

Seminar Delivery Type Live

This approximately 90 minute seminar is 1.5 LUs.

Seminar Level is Introductory

Language English

Original Course Approval 12/26/2019

Course Expiration 12/26/2022


Basic Slate Roof Repair, Restoration, and Maintenance

Course Number - SRCA2020-02
Provider Number - 50111250

Download the PDF

About this 1.5 Hour Seminar

Natural quarried slate roofs can last upwards of 200 years if properly maintained, depending on the type of slate. Even the worst looking older slate roofs may be highly restorable with decades of remaining life. This seminar explains how to repair and restore slate roofs and how to keep them maintained and water-tight in emergency conditions when needed.

Prerequisite Knowledge: Basic roofing, ladder work, and general building maintenance would be preferred but is not necessary.

Learning Objective 1: How to evaluate an existing older slate roof to determine its conditions and whether it is a candidate for restoration.

Learning Objective 2: Learn about the proper materials and tools required to do a satisfactory job in keeping a slate roof water-tight and looking good.

Learning Objective 3: Learn how to identify different types of slates and ascertain their longevity.

Learning Objective 4: Learn what techniques and equipment are required for safe roof access on steep slopes.

Learning Objective 5: Learn correct and effective emergency repairs on slate roofs.

Learning Objective 6: Learning what NOT to do when repairing slate roofs.

Learning Objective 7: Learn about general flashing issues including chimney and valley flashings, step flashings, pipe flashings, built-in gutters, ridges, and hips.

Seminar at a Glance

Seminar Delivery Type Live

This seminar is 1.5 LUs.

Seminar Level is Introductory

Language English

Original Course Approval 1/23/2020

Course Expiration 1/23/2023


Why Choose Natural Slate Roofing?

Course Number - SRCA2020-04
Provider Number - 50111250

Download the PDF

About This 1 Hour Seminar

Natural roofing slates have many benefits over artificial alternatives, including beauty, durability, and architectural integrity. Slate is an ecologically-friendly, recyclable natural stone containing no plastic, petroleum, or asbestos. It is available throughout the world in many shapes, thicknesses, and colors. Many installation styles and methods allow slate roofing to become a form of art. Durability can last into the centuries and installation is not rocket science. Fake look-alike materials can fail prematurely and become an architectural blight. This presentation covers these issues and more.

Prerequisite Knowledge: None needed.

Learning Objective 1: Learn what natural slate stone roofing is, how and where it's manufactured, and about the many varieties that are available.

Learning Objective 2: Learn about blending different types of slates to create roofs that are monumental works of art.

Learning Objective 3: Learn the fundamentals of slate roof installation.

Learning Objective 4: Learn about failures of artificial look-alike materials.

Seminar at a Glance

Delivery Type: Live

Approximately 1 hour seminar is 1 LU.

Course Level: Introductory

Language: English

Original Course Approval: 03/23/2020

Course Expiration: 03/23/2023



Installation of Natural Quarried Roofing Slates: Level 1

Course Number - SRCA2020-03
Provider Number - 50111250

About this 8- Hour Course

This course combines approximately 3 hours of classroom instruction with approximately 5 hours of hands-on training on a roof mockup. Based largely on the SRCA's "Installation Guidelines for Natural Quarried Roofing Slate," the course covers the basic installation standards, information, and procedures for correctly and successfully installing natural slate on roofs. You will be cutting, punching, and trimming natural slates using a variety of tools specific to the trade. You will be nailing roofing slates to a wood deck with copper nails and integrating the slates with various flashings, including step flashings, valley flashings, apron flashings, and ridge copper. The course is limited to 4 students on a double sided mockup. The courses are administered by instructors who are independent contractors approved by the SRCA board of directors. The rates are set by the instructors, who are listed on the SRCA website at Students who successfully complete the course can opt in for a "Certificate of Completion" from the SRCA if they so choose, for an additional fee of $50.

Prerequisite Knowledge: Basic construction and roofing knowledge is beneficial, but not necessary.

Learning Objective 1: Learn how to successfully install a natural quarried slate roof that will function for up to a century or two.

Learning Objective 2: Learn about common mistakes made by inexperienced installers and how to avoid them.

Learning Objective 3: Learn how to cut, punch, shape, and work with natural stone roofing using standard tools of the trade.

Learning Objective 4: Learn how basic flashing systems work with slate roofing and the various ways they can be installed.

Learning Objective 5: Learn about all the different types of slate that may be found on the North American market today, and their sources.

Learning Objective 6: Learn about different installation styles, fasteners, substrates, underlayment, roof staging, headlap, starter courses, and many other details relating to slate roofing.

Course at a Glance

Course Delivery Type: Live

This course is: 8 LUs.

Course Level: Introductory

Language: English

Original Course Approval: 01/24/2020

Course Expiration: 01/24/2023


Slate Roof Repair, Restoration, and Maintenance, Level 1

Course Number - SRCA2020-05
Provider Number - 50111250

About this 8-Hour Course

This hands-on course is provided by an approved SRCA instructor and includes approximately four hours of classroom time and four hours of work on a roof mockup. It covers the repair of slate roofs, restoration work on slate, and slate roof maintenance, including temporary and emergency repairs. Students are provided with three course books: the 146 page course manual, the 132 page "Slate Roofs 1926," and the 374 page hardcover "Slate Roof Bible." An SRCA "Certificate of Completion" will also be available to those students who complete the course.

Prerequisite Knowledge: Knowledge about basic steep-slope roofing and ladder work would be helpful, but is not necessary.

Learning Objective 1: How to evaluate the conditions of an existing slate roof.

Learning Objective 2: General project preparation and execution including roof access and protection of roof surfaces.

Learning Objective 3: General maintenance, including painting of metal components, and temporary emergency repairs.

Learning Objective 4: Slate repairs including the "nail and bib" repair as well as the slate hook repair.

Learning Objective 5: Flashing repairs, including solder joints, chimney flashings, valley flashings, pipe flashings, step flashings, ridges and hips.

Learning Objective 6: Gutter issues, including built-in gutters and hanging gutters.

Learning Objective 7: Snow retention systems, including their failure and replacement.

Course at a Glance

Course Delivery Type: Live

This course is: 8 LUs.

Course Level: Introductory

Language: English

Original Course Approval: 03/23/2020

Course Expiration: 03/23/2023

SRCA Slate Roof Installation Guidelines: PDF or Word Document

Spanish: Directrices Generales Instalación Pizarras: PDF or Word Document

SRCA Slate Roof Repair and Restoration Guidelines PDF or Word Document


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