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Natural Quarried Roofing Slate: Basic Installation

Course Number - SRCA2020-01; Provider Number - 50111250

About this Seminar

The installation of natural quarried roofing slates, although not rocket science, is different from the installation of other roofing materials. The devil is in the details. This PowerPoint presentation provides the basic information one would need to be informed about correct slate roof installation practices.

Prerequisite Knowledge: A basic roofing and general construction background would be helpful, but is not necessary.

Learning Objective 1: What is natural quarried roofing slate and how is it installed.

Learning Objective 2: What are common mistakes made when installing natural quarried roofing slates.

Learning Objective 3: What are the correct tools and materials to use when installing slate roofs.

Learning Objective 4: What are the sources of materials, supplies, tools, and contractors needed when installing natural slate roofs.

Seminar Delivery Type Live

This approximately 90 minute seminar is 1.5 LUs.

Seminar Level is Introductory

Language English

Original Course Approval 12/26/2019

Course Expiration 12/26/2022


We have completed our first training module: "The Installation of Natural Quarried Roofing Slates, Level One," which can be licensed to permitted instructors. Call 814-786-7015 or email us if you're interested in a training seminar. We will soon have a list of instructors qualified to present SRCA training materials. Stay tuned!

This training manual is to be used in a hands-on course taught by an approved instructor. The manual was voluntarily created in 2020 on behalf of the Slate Roofing Contractors Association of North America, Inc. by SRCA Executive Director Joe Jenkins and SRCA Board Members Gary Howes, Chuck Wagner, Christopher Short, John Mahan, Korby Grist, Nick Price, Orion Jenkins, and Chris Paulin. The following committee members also contributed: Brent Ulisky, John Crookston, and Jason Klemm.

SRCA Slate Roof Installation Guidelines: PDF or Word Document

Spanish: Directrices Generales Instalación Pizarras: PDF or Word Document

SRCA Slate Roof Repair and Restoration Guidelines PDF or Word Document

Slate Roof Installation Training Program

Initially launched in 2015


Here's on one minute video clip showing the training group at the 2015 SRCA Conference:

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SRCA Holds First Slate Roof Installation Training Seminar, January 2015!

Slate Roofing Contractors Association Installation Training Program

SRCA 2015 Conference Training:

Barry Smith and Chris Paulin got the SRCA slate roof installation training program off the ground in 2015. The first seminar took place in Malvern, PA, near Philadelphia, on January 27th, at the ABC Supply warehouse. Titled "Installation of Natural Quarried Roofing Slate - Level 100, Basic Fundamentals." Sponsors of the event included Stortz and Sons, Greenstone Slate, ABC Supply, and

Chris and Barry also introduced our training program to the general roofing community at the International Roofing Expo in New Orleans, Louisiana, on February 24 and 25, 2015, with a live demonstration.

The third training was at the SRCA 2015 Conference, September 24th, 2015, in western Pennsylvania (see photos above). Call 814-786-7015 or email us for questions.

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