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At the SRCA headquarters, 143 Forest Lane, Grove City, PA 16127 USA


Cost: $300.00 per person, including spouses and guests. Non-members: $350.00. All proceeds benefit the Slate Roofing Contractors Association, a 501c6 non-profit trade association. Conference fee Includes: catered lunch Friday and Saturday, catered dinner Friday and Saturday, all meetings and presentations, Friday reception, live music (four different performances over two nights), beer wagon, local brewery stations, beer maids, additional beverages, camping, and more.




Thursday, September 24th:

Pre-Conference Slate Roof Installation Training Hands-On Seminar

Paid registration is required. Download a registration form. Space is limited.

Training Only is $400/person
Training + Conference is $600/person
Training + Conference Employee Group (at least two employees) is $550/person.

One day hands-on training course based on the SRCA Installation Guidelines for Natural Quarried Roofing Slates. The training will be conducted on up to three roof mockups at once by SRCA board members John Mahan, Korby Grist, and Chris Paulin, depending on how many people sign up. Training group will likely be limited to 15 persons.This will be a full day workshop. Plan on arriving on Wednesday, September 19th. More details will be announced as available.

Friday, September 21st:

8:am: Registration begins - Friday Breakfast: we will have coffee and cold continental type breakfast with bagels and donuts/muffins.

10 am to 1 pm: Presentations (three 45 minutes slots)

1 pm to 2 pm: Lunch (catered by Nonni's Corner Trattoria)

2 pm to 4 pm: Presentations (two 45 minutes slots)

4 pm to 5 pm: Member Meeting and welcome announcements

5 pm to 6:30 pm: Break

6:30 pm to 7:00 pm: Social Reception - drinks.

6:30 to 8 pm: Live Music by Catro. The band leader and keyboard player, Mark DeWalt, installed his own slate roof and lives next door to the SRCA shop.

7:00 pm to 8:00 pm: Dinner (catered by Mule Train Smokers); Dessert- Sugar Rush by Tara

8:30 pm to 11:30 pm: Time to socialize, wet your whistle, and listen to Live Music: Midnight Blue

Saturday, September 22nd:

Breakfast - Coffee/tea and continental style breakfast

9:00 am to 1:00 pm: Presentations (four 45 minute slots)

1:00 pm to 2:00 pm: Lunch (catered by Primanti Bros. Resturant)

2:00 pm to 5:00 pm: Presentations (three 45 minute slots)

5:00 pm to 6:30 pm: Break

6:30 Dinner (catered by The Chop Shop - Dr. Sous Catering; Dessert: Mercurio's

Live Music: Mary Lou Scherder, singer/songwriter.

7:30 pm to 8:30 pm: Live Auction (don't forget to bring something)

9:pm to 12 Midnight: Live Music: Sun Lizard Band. They're also providing the sound, lighting, and stage for the conference, and will let us jam with them on Saturday night. Bring your drums!

Sunday, September 23rd:

Breakfast/Lunch will be using up whatever is left over.

9:00 am to 12:00 noon or likely later: Presentations, finish up the projects, departures.



Contract Law

Justin Sullivan

Malloy Law Firm 

Justin is also Executive Secretary of the Iowa Roofing Contractors Association.

Justin Sullivan

Contract Clauses:
1. Insurance Terms, co-insureds,
2. Assignment of rights & subcontracting
3. Change orders vs. extras
4. Mediation & dispute resolution clauses
5. Payment terms, pay if paid, and pay when paid clauses
6. Warranty provisions
7. Substantial completion & final completion clauses
8. Indemnity clauses
9. Choice of law & venue clauses affecting the parties rights
10. Lien rights and notices in contracts
11. Liquidated damages clauses
12. Exculpatory clauses
13. General AIA contracts and forms

Roundtable - Strategies for Combatting Fake Slate

Gary Howes - The Durable Slate Company

The Red House

Slate and Copper Roofing Collaboration

Trinidad's House of Parliament

John Chan - The Durable Slate Company

A 1990 failed coup attempt decimated the historic building leaving it in shambles - full of bullet holes and entire sections burnt. Various attempts were made to "restore" it by people who didn't understand how to go about it. Additional "attempts" were just money grabs. Durable Slate had a face to face meeting 1 year ago, 27 years after the coup attempt, and were hired to re-draft their specs and drawings. They put plans in place to send the proper equipment and tools to the island, to send competent trainers to train their people, and to oversee the locals work.

Shop Fabrication of Pipe Flashings

Brent Ulisky - Ulisky Slate

How to Adjust Your Sheet Metal Brake

for Better Performance

Chris Paulin

Using Nosings on a Brake

for Rounded Fabrication

Korby Grist

Steep Slope Safety and OSHA

Mark Harmon, Erie, PA, Federal OSHA

European Sheet Metal Tools That You Need

To Be Announced

Slating Curved Eaves

Chris Paulin

Slate Roof Installation Review

Joe Jenkins

General Installation Guidelines for Natural Quarried Roofing Slate

Slate Roof Repair Review

Joe Jenkins

Repair and Restoration Guidelines for Slate Roofs


Slate Hammer Throwing: Stick the sharp end of a slate hammer into a target from a distance (also doubles as self-defense training).

Pay to play and the winner takes half of the kitty! Last year's Hammer Throwing Champion was Ed Stinson (below). Ed generously donated his winnings to the SRCA!

More to be Announced



1) 6 remaining of 8 Vendor Tent Spaces in Big Tent (includes 1 free registration), each: $1,000.00*


2) 4 Free Standing Vendor Tent Spaces (includes 1 free registration), each: $1,200.00*

3) NEWMONT SLATE: Conference tents, tables, and chairs rental - $700.00

4) Conference tents, tables, and chairs rental (partial , includes 1 free registration) $700.00

5) BE NATURAL: Live Music Performance by Catro: $300.00

6) BE NATURAL: Live Music Performance by Midnight Blue: $400.00

7) VINTAGE SLATE: Live Music Performance by Mary Lou Scherder, singer/songwriter: $100.00

8) Live Music Performance by Sun Lizard Band: $400.00

9) CUPA PIZARRAS: Friday Lunch by Nonni's Corner Trattoria Partial (includes free reg.) $750.00

10) Friday Lunch by Nonni's Corner Trattoria Partial (includes 1 free registration) $750.00

11) NORTH COUNTRY SLATE: Friday Dinner by Mule Train Smokers, Dessert- Sugar Rush by Tara Partial (includes 1 free registration) $1,000.00

12) Friday Dinner by Mule Train Smokers, Dessert- Sugar Rush by Tara Partial (includes 1 free registration) $1,000.00

13) Friday Dinner by Mule Train Smokers, Dessert- Sugar Rush by Tara Partial (includes 1 free registration) $500.00

14) TARAN BROTHERS SLATE COMPANY: Saturday Lunch by Primanti Bros. Resturant Partial (includes 1 free registration)) $750.00

15) Saturday Lunch by Primanti Bros. Resturant Partial (includes 1 free registration)) $750.00

16) GREENSTONE SLATE: Saturday Dinner by The Chop Shop - Dr. Sous Catering; Dessert: Mercurio's Partial - $1,200.00

17) Saturday Dinner by The Chop Shop - Dr. Sous Catering; Dessert: Mercurio's Partial (includes 1 free registration) $1,200.00

18) CUPA PIZARRAS: Beer Maids $400.00

19) GREENSTONE SLATE: Friday Drinks - $1,000.00

20) VINTAGE SLATE: Beer Wagon $600.00

21) NORTH AMERICAN SLATE: Craft Brewery Stations $500.00

22) Sound, Stage, and Lighting $750.00

* The big tent has 8 adjoining spaces approx. 10 feet square. The free standing tents are ten foot canopy tents. You must provide your own contents.




View a larger map.

Location: Northwestern Pennsylvania at the SRCA home office site, 143 Forest Lane, Grove City, PA 16127, about 65 miles north of Pittsburgh, PA. There is a map above.

About the Conference: We will have a good turnout of slate roofing professionals and interested parties, from around the USA and from several foreign countries, gathering together to exchange knowledge and experience, tips, and tricks of the trade, over a weekend intended for learning, socializing, networking, and fun. See 2015 Conference.

Airports: Greater Pittsburgh (PIT) is your best bet, but Youngstown, Cleveland and Akron (OH), Erie (PA) and Franklin (FKL) are options. Allow an hour and a half to drive from the Pittsburgh airport to the site. There is plenty of parking space at the site. FKL flies to and from PIT and is only 20 minutes from the conference site, so this is a good option if you can fit it with your flight schedule.

Camping on Site: 143 wooded acres are available with a deep 6-acre quarry pond for fishing, swimming and canoeing. No electric or hose hookups. Children must be supervised at the lake at all times.


Fund Raising Auction: Saturday night bring something to auction off! All proceeds will benefit the SRCA. Suggestions: tools, books, gift certificates, desserts, beverages, use your imagination! We will do a live auction conducted by volunteers.


Camping is available on the 143 acre site, for free, but there are no hookups.

The TownePlace Suites by Marriott Grove City Mercer/Outlets is offering an $89 deal for SRCA people (ask for Tammy Schuam, the general manager). The lovely Terra Nova House Bed and Breakfast in Grove City, 20 minutes away, is also expecting SRCA people, first come, first served. It has a slate roof on it :-).

The nearest hotels are only 3 minutes away and an easy drive from the conference site. There’s the Motel 6, also the Quality Inn, in Barkeyville, PA and there are plenty of rooms available. These are not your Hilton, but you can sleep and get a shower there. We will have the food and the "bar" at the conference. What's nice about these hotels is that they're nearby. If you want a hotel room, reserve it soon!

Additional hotels are next to the Grove City Outlet Mall, about 20 minutes away by car. There is a wide selection.

There is also the Comfort Inn near Mercer, PA about 20 minutes from the conference site to the west just off I-80.


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Welcome to
our newest members:

- G.F. Sprague, Needham, MA

- Sno Gem, McHenry, IL

- Ream Roofing, Dallastown, PA

- Earl Roofing Inc., Los Alamitos, CA

- Welsh Slate Ltd., Bethesda, Wales

- J. Raymond Couvreur et Fils Inc., Mirabel, Qc, Canada

-Landmark Roofing, Waltham, MA

- Forever Green Roofing, Bradford, Ontario, Canada

- Clear Creek Exteriors, Bath, PA

- Allstar Construction, Maple Plain, MN

- Kirberg Company, St. Louis, MO

- Gary Brock, Houston, TX

- California Slate Company Inc., San Francisco, CA

- Historical Slate Roofing Co., Somerville, MA

- Roof4Roof, Montclair, NJ

- Midsouth Construction, Nashville, TN

- Affordable Slate Roofing, Enfield, CT

- Rondavel, Pikeville, TN

- Rudd Builders, LLC., Freehold, NJ

- Mid America Slate and Stone, Chesterfield, MO

- Stevens Roof Restorations, Fairfield, NJ

- Slate Roof Professionals, Cedar Grove, NJ

- Chicago Metal Supply, Chicago, IL

- Ulisky Slate Roofing, Grove City, PA

- Grand River Builders, Grand Rapids, MI

- Jenkins Slate Masters, Grove City, PA


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Salvo Architectural Roofing Contractors, Inc.

Old World Craftsmen, Inc.

Charles A. Murray Co. steeple Work

Charles A. Murray & Company, Ltd.

Wagner Roofing

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Geillespie Contracting

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The Roof Doctor, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Grist Slate & Tile Roofing Inc.

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Renaissance Roofing and Siding

Renaissance Roofing

Sbardella Slate, Inc.

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Paulin Slate and Copper Company

Paulin Slate and Copper Company

Bill Davis Roofing

Bill Davis Roofing

Balanced Builders

Balanced Builders

GS Restoration

GS Restoration

Milligan Construction

Milligan Construction

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