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At the SRCA headquarters, 143 Forest Lane, Grove City, PA 16127 USA

This is the 10 year anniversary conference of the Slate Roofing Contractors Association, September 24-27, 2015.Posted by Slate Roofing Contractors Association on Sunday, September 27, 2015




Thursday, September 24th:

Pre-Conference Slate Roof Installation Training Workshop. Paid registration required. Registration is open. Download a training brochure and reservation. 

 Email us if you want to register. Space is limited. It's $400/person.

This will be a full day workshop. Plan on arriving the evening or day before (if you want to help us prepare for the conference as well).

Friday, September 25th:

8:am: Registration begins

10 am to 1 pm: Presentations (three 45 minutes slots)

1pm to 2 pm: Lunch (catered by Nonni's)

2pm to 4 pm: Presentations (two 45 minutes slots)

4pm to 5 pm: Member Meeting and welcome announcements

5pm to 6:30 pm: Break

6:30 pm to 7:00 pm: Social Reception - drinks.

Live music by Rebekah Jean.

Rebekah Jean

7:00 pm to 8:00 pm: Dinner (catered by Hog Wild). Dessert: Sugar Rush, being delivered

8:30 pm to 11:30 pm: Junction PA Band

Junction PA band booked for the Slate Roofing Contractors Association 10th anniversary conference near Grove City, PA.

Saturday, September 26th:

9:00 am to 1:00 pm: Presentations (four 45 minute slots)

11:00 am - Copper Presentation

1:00 pm to 2:00 pm: Lunch (catered by Nonni's)

2:00 pm to 5:00 pm: Presentations (three 45 minute slots)

5:00 pm to 6:30 pm: Break

6:30 Dinner (catered by Bella Cucina). Desert: Mercurio's, serving at 8 pm. Acoustic Music by Chuck Moses

Acoustic Music by Chuck Moses booked for the Slate Roofing Contractors Association 10th anniversary conference near Grove City, PA.

7:30 pm to 8:30 pm: Live Auction (don't forget to bring something)

9:pm to 12 Midnight: Mahajibee Blues Band

Mahajibee Blues Band booked for the Slate Roofing Contractors Association 10th anniversary conference near Grove City, PA.

Sunday, September 27th:

9:00 am to 12:00 noon: Presentations, finish up the projects, departures.


Roundtable - Strategies for Estimating

Gary Howes

Estimating slate roof projects can be tricky. Let's discuss the problems and solutions that we encounter as roofing crontractors when estimating slate roofing jobs.

Contractor Estimate


Soldering Techniques and Tips

We will have various soldering devices, including acetylene, propane, gas (portable), hand irons and electric, with experienced soldering contractors on hand to demonstrate know-how and techniques.

Soldering Devices


Closed Valley Flashing and Slate Cutting

Brent Ulisky

Brent will demonstrate using step flashing in closed valleys. He will also show how to mark and cut slates when being cut for valley installations (a handy trade secret).

Closed Slate Valley


Ornamental Slating

Orion Jenkins

Using roofing slate to make ornamental designs in walls and roofs. An example of Orion's ornamental slating is shown below. The date will be attached to the side of a barn built in 1901 which recently had its original slate roof replaced with a new slate roof.

Orion Jenkins ornamental slating.


Fall Prevention

Mark V. Cangemi

ASP; Technical Training Specialist at Honeywell Safety Products, Miller Fall Protection Training Division - Fall Prevention and Protection Systems in the Roofing Industry

Miller Fall Protection


Roundtable: Roofing Slate Marketing Strategies

Jon Hill and Tucker Adamson

Marketing Roofing Slate


Basic Slating

Barry Smith

Basic Slate Roofing


Copper and Flashing

Larry Peters

Copper Development Association



Glendyne Slate Quarry

Chris Large and John Neil

The largest slate quarry in North America

Glendyne Quarry


Roundtable: Roofing Contracts

Chris Paulin

Chris will moderate a round table discussion covering things that we should have in our contracts to protect ourselves, things that we should not sign, out-of-state issues, liability insurance, foreign work, and lien laws, among other things.

Roofing Contract


Hips and Ridges on Slate Roofs

Chris Short and David Armstrong

Chris and Dave will demonstrate three hip and ridge designs, the California Mitered Hip, the Saddle Ridge and Hip, and the Copper Ridge and Hip (with cleats and rivets).

Cleated Copper Ridge


Slate Roof Installation Mistakes

Joe Jenkins

Joe, as a slate roof consultant, sees a lot of slate roofs going into litigation due to easily avoidable mistakes. He will review some of these installation errors in a Powerpoint presentation.

Bad roofing slates


European Slates

David Thomas and Haroun El-Helw

Including rating systems.

SSQ slate roof in Germany


Stone Roofing of Norway and Sweden

Joe Jenkins

Joe visited SRCA member Henrik Bark in Grythyttan, Sweden, in August, 2015, as well as quarries in Norway operated by Minera Skifer. This presentation will provide an overview of these interesting stone roofs.

Norwegian Stone Roof


Spanish Slate Quarries

John Chan

John toured Spanish slate quarries in the spring of 2015 with members of the the National Slate Association and the SRCA. He will provide an overview of the trip in a Powerpoint presentation.

Old roof in Spain



Copper Cutting: How fancy can you cut and maybe bend a 6"X6" piece of flat copper?

Slate Hammer Throwing: Stick the sharp end of a slate hammer into a target from a distance (also doubles as self-defense training).

Pay to play and the winner takes half of the kitty!



1) North Country Slate — Tent Space 1: $1,000.00

2) Newmont Slate Company — Tent Space 2: $1,000.00

3) Be Natural Slate Company — Tent Space 3: $1,000.00

4) John Stortz and Son — Tent Space 4: $1,000.00

5) SSQ — Tent Space 5: $1,000.00

6) Ornametals Manufacturing, LLC — Tent Space 6: $1,000.00

7) BC Stones — Tent Space 7: $1,000.00

8) Umicore Building Products — Tent Space 8 : $1,000.00

9) Slator LLC — Tents, tables, chairs rental: $1400.00

10) Joseph Jenkins, Inc. — Warm up musicians: $400.00

11) Durable Slate — Mahajibee Blues Band: $1000.00

12) HKC Roofing — Junction PA Band: $750.00

13) Camara Slate — Friday Lunch Partial: $1000.00

14) Salvo Metal Works — Friday Lunch Partial: $500.00

15) Stevens Roofing — Friday Dinner Partial: $1000.00

16) CUPA — Friday Dinner Partial: $1000.00

17) Wagner Roofing — Friday Dinner Partial: $500.00

18) Innova Tile — Saturday Lunch: $1500.00

19) Mahan Slate Roofing Co. — Saturday Dinner: $1000.00

20) Lifting Equipment Solutions —Saturday Dinner Partial: $1000.00

21) Paulin Slate and Copper — Saturday Dinner Partial: $500.00

22) Greenstone Slate — Friday Drinks: $1000.00

23) Ornametals Manufacturing, LLC — 1/2 Saturday Drinks: $500.00

24) Wagner Roofing — 1/2 Saturday Drinks: $500.00

25) Rathscheck — Sound Man: $650.00


View a larger map.

Location: Northwestern Pennsylvania at the SRCA home office site, 143 Forest Lane, Grove City, PA 16127, about 65 miles north of Pittsburgh, PA. There is a map above.

About the Conference: We will have a good turnout of slate roofing professionals and interested parties, from around the USA and from several foreign countries, gathering together to exchange knowledge and experience, tips, and tricks of the trade, over a weekend intended for learning, socializing, networking, and fun. See 2012 Conference.

Airports: Greater Pittsburgh (PIT) is your best bet, but Youngstown, Cleveland and Akron (OH), Erie (PA) and Franklin (FKL) are options. Allow an hour and a half to drive from the Pittsburgh airport to the site. There is plenty of parking space at the site. FKL flies to and from PIT for $29.00 each way on Sun Air Express and is only 20 minutes from the conference site, so this is a good option if you can fit it with your flight schedule.

Camping on Site: 143 wooded acres are available with a deep 6-acre quarry pond for fishing, swimming and canoeing. No electric or hose hookups. Children must be supervised at the lake at all times.


Fund Raising Auction: Saturday night bring something to auction off! All proceeds will benefit the SRCA. Suggestions: tools, books, gift certificates, desserts, beverages, use your imagination! We will do a live auction conducted by volunteers.


Camping is available on the 143 acre site, for free, but there are no hookups.

The nearest hotels are only 3 minutes away and an easy drive from the conference site. There’s the Motel 6, also the Quality Inn, in Barkeyville, PA and there are plenty of rooms available. These are not your Hilton standard, but you can sleep and get a shower there. We will have the food and the "bar" at the conference. What's nice about these hotels is that they're nearby. If you want a hotel room, reserve it soon!

Additional hotels are next to the Grove City Outlet Mall, about 20 minutes away by car, but Grove City College Homecoming is the same weekend and these hotels are pretty booked.

Other options include Franklin Super 8 and Franklin Quality Inn about 20 minutes north of the conference site. Also  Fairfield Inn, Slippery Rock, which is about 25 minutes south, and getting booked thanks to the Homecoming.

There is also the Comfort Inn near Mercer, PA about 20 minutes from the conference site to the west just off I-80.




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